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Does your house have water damage that is unknown to you?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Here are 6 signs that you could or about to have some trouble and you might not even realize it.

Sloping floor, if you have a ball, roll it across the floor if it does not roll straight then that could be a sign of a joist that has failed. This could be from wood rot or just plain broken. A structural engineer can help form a plan on how to repair this. If it is from a water damage fixing the source of the issue is the first step, calling SERVPRO of West Forsyth County is the second to professionally dry the structure that is restorable.

Washing machine hoses that develop a knot or bubble on them can be a sign of a problem getting ready to happen. These hoses are under constant pressure and like tires on a car have to be replaced to ensure they do not develop a leak. This could lead to flooding of your wash room and adjoining rooms or hallways. Braided steel hoses will last longer and stand up to the pressure better than cheap plain rubber hoses.

Have you ever gone down to the basement and seen a white chalky dust on the cinderblock or brick? That is called efflorescence and it is harmless. However, it could be sign that water is seeping in and causing the calcium to be pushed out of the brick or cinderblock. Proper landscaping and drainage away from the home can help resolve this but if it goes on to long it could get more costly in digging out the foundation to seal the foundation against further water intrusion.  If you see this on your chimney that could be an indication of a cracked flue liner, which could allow toxic gases to be entering your home. It could also be caused by an internal wall leak causing that pressure to show the efflorescence. Have your chimney looked at by a professional chimney sweep.

We may have that one slow drain in the bathtub due to hair but if you notice all the drains in the house are slow call a plumber right away. This could be the precursor to sewer back up into the home. Make sure not to flush or use the water till you have determined that the main sewer line is clear of any obstructions.

While we are on the subject of possible sewer backups, another sign is unusual noises from the toilet. Gurgling or bubbling can indicate that a clog is building negative air pressure in the line. Call a plumber and get them to investigate the noises they can best determine a course of action.

Are you getting ready to touch up a wall that the paint is cracked, peeling or blistering? You may want to investigate further. SERVPRO of West Forsyth County was called to an 3rd story condo unit that had blisters on the wall and actually had water in the blisters. This was dues to a roof leak. The water followed the path of least resistance and was not readily noticed until the blisters showed up.  This need for a paint job could also be caused by a water leak in the piping of the wall. We have seen pin holes in the pipe that caused this kind of water damage also.

 If any of these become a problem you can't handle call SERVPRO of West Forsyth County 336-946-1131 it's best to call us directly. 

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